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Mythic Flat and Owatrol E-B

Hi Folks,

I’ve just skimmed my walls with Toupret TX120. I’ve seen on the forums that I can paint straight over this. I was thinking Little Greene Intellingent Matt or Mythic Flat. Would it make for a more durable job to go with Owatrol E-B in the first coat?? The walls are in a H/S/L and kitchen diner with two young children running about.

Also, am I weird for enjoying skimming? It was my first time…

Thanks in advance,


Hi weird one :smile:

It is very satisfying polishing up old walls to look and feel better than they ever were. If that is weird, count yourself in amongst a big group. Do you have a CEROS DEROS or FESTOOL sander?

2 excellent paint choices, no way of saying which is best! Down to colours I would think, getting exactly what you want.

A brilliant tip I had from the master of polishing and painting walls, Andy Farrell. The Mythic is a thin, smaller paint molecule , so you would use say a 320 fine abrasive on the TX120 and the paint would fill the small holes so to speak, and lay flat. A heavier body paint, I would think IM, on the final pass with the sander, use a slightly coarser grade, say 240 to create bigger holes for the thicker paint to hide. My explanation is not very scientific, more graphic, and it is not an exact science because of each person’s technique and abrasive, but now you know the principle, try a section to see what grade helps your paint lay flattest.

E-B would be real belt and braces, and very encouraging to hear that as a suggestion.

Also try eicó Alterior Matt - an interior/exterior pur acrylic. Very hardwearing and washable and a low sheen ~(5%) for this level of durability. If you want an even flatter finish with durability look at new Novacolour Matt Motion - a sheen level of about 2% and scrubbable. Let me know if you need any more info on either.

Thanks for the replies!

My sander is dewalt. Better for my woodwork. There’s no way I can get a mirka past the Mrs!

I think I will go with mythic, colour matched to LG French Grey, if it does indeed match. I’ve read a lot of good stuff about mythic, mainly here. Ive used the primer and the lack of odour is amazing!

I will research eico and novacolor, but will deffo go with E-B, just to make sure. Should do the best job I can. No point in cutting corners.

The paint size in the holes makes total sense BTW…