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Mythic Paint - no VOC no toxin, very low odour, high performance?

Yes. Mythic paint does what it says on the tin. It is a very user-friendly premium acrylic latex paint that applies like a dream, dries quickly, sands well between coats, comes in practically any colour, and all the while has the highest of eco credentials.

This combination of eco and performance makes Mythic an excellent option for professionals and DIY who need to deliver a top quality finish on walls, ceilings and woodwork inside or out in the following circumstances - at least. Think Mythic for children’s nurseries, food preparation areas, commercial premises, and any home environment where you just don’t want paint smells and off-gassing.

Because it comes in any colour on any surface in any finish, again Mythic offers real convenience. The 100% premium latex primer applies the same as the topcoats by brush, roller or spray on any conventional surface, and the quality is consistently high throughout the system. They have also developed a self priming topcoat, so look out for the Mythic black label!

We have several experienced decorating specialists who have a lot to say about Mythic for painting kitchen cabinets and furniture, as well as for general decorating. If you have any questions about the Mythic range - please ask.


Spoke to mythic they are sending me out some info and I’m gonna give then a try . Cheers andy