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Need advice for a leaflet

Well here goes my website is nearly there the basics anyway as for leaflet,i haven’t got any idear what to put on it,i would call myself a bread and butter decorator,emulsion,glossing,stripping,no wallpapering but looking to,as for anything else s not sure what to put,any ideas guys.

Heres a sample whats going to be put in my leaflet.House painting service,its about time for a new coat of paint.Don’t have the time.Not much budget.All you need do is decide on a colour i will get the job done simple as that.Family run firm,then contact details with maybe picture of a room painted,picture off roller on top,need some feedback and idears really appreciated.

oap discount could be worth putting,Friendly reliable service,at the moment it will just be interior,glossing emulsion,wallpaper stripping,want to keep leaflet simple,but effective.

Maybe add website,twitter as well need some help ,anyone have idears.