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New design Passeri RD1971

New for 2014 and classically Lincrusta, Passeri is inspired by French ornate cultivated gardens, incorporating songbirds and floral bouquets set within a classical ogee ornament.

533mm (21 inches) x 10m (11 yards)
1014mm (40 inches) Straight Match

For further information Please e mail Mr Lincrusta or visit

Thanks for the info Andy. Do you have a list of courses being run for interested parties?

I would be interested,on courses,i will send off for samples,and info.

Very nice Mr Lincrusta, I look forward to trimming the Selvedge (Salvedge) off that!


Let me know where you are and I will get some information about the Lincrusta courses, what samples would you like let me know e mail me directly

I need your full name and address and which samples you want.

Regards Andy