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New eqipment

Hi folks whats your oppion on telescopic ladders?

Some recent new equipment i have bought?worth looking at

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Like the Purdy 6 in 1 tool, find it invaluable. Been a couple of occasions when my Son has taken it and put an edge on it for me. Turns it into a scraper on steroids.
Would like to know how a 10 in 1 tool goes. The million-dollar question is, will you use every part of the tool.
Another lad I know, uses a telescopic ladder - he’s a spark. Seems useful and I wonder about a telescopic stair ladder. It can be a challenge to plaster and paint stairwells; would be good to get in and out quickly with only a lightweight ladder to move.

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The above lights are execllent,the festool pocket stick fix is a must.

mirka goldflex pads really nice.