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New Formula Diamond Satinwood

I used to use a lot of Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood when it first came out. I was sort of happy with it but after a bad experience of it cracking and crazing on caulk, I gave up on it a couple of years ago.

A fellow decorator, Scot Hindley, recently rang me and asked if I had used the new formula product. He was full of praise for the application and finish. After a few phone calls I gave in and bought a 2.5 litre and gave it a go.

Having used it on the last 2 jobs I would have to agree that this has become an excellent product. The application and open time must be better than all but Sikkens Rubbol BL Satura. The levelling isn’t as good as the Sikkens, but it’s very impressive, none the less. The ‘feel’ of the finished surface is also a step up from a lot of acrylic finishes.

But where this product leaves the Sikkens, and most others I’ve tried, trailing way behind is in opacity. This is absolutely first rate. The only other acrylic trim paint that comes close to it, of the ones I’ve tried, is Mythic Black Label Satin.
This is a real bonus as a lot of acrylic trim paints perform very badly in this area.

Another bonus is Dulux claim this product will stick to existing oil based surfaces without the need of an adhesion promoting primer, like Zinsser 123. And from what I’ve seen this is the case. After a few days it won’t scratch of a well prepared, ie dull sanded, surface. Meaning that with the superior opacity I can realistically start specifying 2 coats on existing, aged, white painted trim again instead of 3, the first of which would have been the primer.

This product has become the trim paint of choice for many Dulux Select Decorators so much has this product improved.

It still has the failing that, on occasion it can react with caulk, why I don’t know. This is a pain, but touching up the caulk with a product that doesn’t react (I use Johnstone’s Trade Ultra) prior to the first coat, is much easier than painting the enter surface with a dedicated primer. Something that would be required with most acrylic trim finishes.

I’ve heard, though not tried it, that the PBW Diamond Eggshell has recieved the same makeover. Good news indeed.

On a footnote: I think at the moment only the PBW is available in the new formula. So it would be advisable to check before ordering a tint and expecting it to perform the same way.

Also, check the cans instore before you buy the PBW as well. I’ve seen the old formulation on the shelf next to the new stuff. The new gear is in metal cans (not the awful Dulux plastic ones) and clearly states ‘New Flexible Formula’ on the left side of the tin.

Have heard lots about this as well and have a tin ready to use , but alas i’m on a oil job at the moment and next as well arrghhhh, looks like some home decorating again!! Thanks for the heasds up as sikkens is my go to paint for satin white nowadays.
On say new mdf would an acrylic undercoat suffice and 2 top ? Or straight on and 3 coats?
Cheers :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use the Diamond Satinwwod on bare MDF, no. I would always use a primer, Zinsser Cover Stain would be my choice.

I will add that the Diamond Satinwood is hugely dependent on the brush used to apply it. I’ve tried a Purdy XL, Corona Knight and Wooster FTP recently but I found the best brushs for applying it quickly and evenly are the Proform Picasso and Ergonomic brushes.
The Picasso will lay it on very fast and leave a very good finish. The Ergonomic is a little slower in application but gives little bit better end result.