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New member from Wiltshire

Hi Everyone,

I’m Keith and although, as far as painting is concerned I probably come under the DIY banner, I think I have had more experience than most in that category (Not wanting to sound boastful). My business is actually bathroom renovations, but I moved to Wiltshire a couple of years ago and haven’t really pursued it as I’m doing a major renovation of the house I brought. I am a keen cabinet maker and I am currently building my kitchen, which is what I would like to discuss but I will start a new topic for that.


Hi Keith
look forward to hearing your contributions. Coming from a different trade we can always expect interesting info and viewpoint.

Hi Andy, thank you for your comments. I’m not sure my knowledge of painting comes anywhere near the levels of the guys and girls on Traditional Painter. My interest in paint finishing really comes from my want to get more involved in cabinet making. I’m very much closer to 60 then 59 and I want to be able to make a bit of a living from making bespoke cabinets from my home workshop. I have a want to improve my ability to produce a fine paint finish without having to rely on my HVLP unit.

I have already had a friendly and helpful response from one of the forum members about an issue I’m having. It is really great that the members are happy to help others.