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New member

Hi it’s gaz . I’m a new member . I’m a professional painter and decorator . 17 years in the trade now . Been self employed for 6 . Got a team of 3 of us . Always very busy . But wanna try an go up to next level and try an better myself an my company . Hope ur all ok

Welcome Gaz. If you search top right you should find quite a bit of information on brush selection and other topics of interest. If you need any further advice please ask and Im sure someone will be able to help.

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Cheers pal . Thanks for getting us on this just trying to get me head round how it all works

Easiest way to find your feet is just go along the top bar and click on buttons to see what happens. That is mostly it. Nothing to break (famous last words.)

Hahaha we will see … Me 14 month old daughter better on stuff like this than me . Not a massive tech fan … An I’m only 32 !!! But seen the work an advice that’s on here an it’s top class .

So wanna get used to it an get some ideas of my own out there

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