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New members introductions

So that we all know who we are talking to, can all new members please introduce yourselves - name, where you are based and whether you are trade or a keen DIY or other.

Explain your interest in decorating, or generally let us know what areas of decorating you will be looking for help with.

Please don’t ask specific decorating questions in this section.

  • Firstly, search top right to see if your question has been covered before. If so, add to that conversation if appropriate.
  • If it is a new question, go to Categories at the top, click on the best one, and Add Topic.

Questions about how to use the site, what buttons do etc

Go to the Forum Guide area.


If you are a business user, please read this bit about use of links.


We understand that forums are a good opportunity for businesses to market themselves, but with freedom comes responsibility. In our brave new world, members need to earn their links!

  • Any links to your business are restricted to your profile page ONLY.

  • The link will go live once you have logged in, and spent time on the site. You will get a notification to say you are Trust Level 1.

  • If someone is interested in contacting you, they can do so by clicking on your avatar.

  • No links to your own business or a mate’s business are permitted within posts until you reach sufficient trust level, at which point you will know very well how to handle linking in a dignified manner!

We don’t think it is right for businesses to drop by once or twice, and say hi, just to leave a link to their business, never to return. It looks very tacky and does nobody any favours. And in the interests of clutter and pointless distractions, there are no signatures on the site either.

We look forward to getting to know you.

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hi everyone i am tehomas a professional decorator based in Horsham west Sussex with 27 years of experience in decorative finishes ,i am always looking to push the envelope with new and experimental processes…i have a good foundation in tromp.mouldmaking,scagliola ,special effects and painting and decorating. and believe a decorator should strive to be competent in all aspects of his or her trade .my moto is the princess and the if the problem is not solved from the root every subsequent layer will be flawed … thanks teho

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Hi Tehomas look forward to your contributions, different perspectives always welcome.