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New year hangovers

Hi all an happy new year . Things have been very quite on here recently … don’t know weather it’s an Xmas hangover . Any way . I’ve got a staircase to woodstain . It’s been previously stained before in a Dulux stain mahogany. And my customers want it doing again . It’s not in bad nick so it’s gonna be 2 coats of the same product over . But was wandering what be best to wash it down with first . Was thinking kk but would that be to strong an risk damaging the original finish ? Sugar soap can leave bad streaks so that’s a no no . Was thinking maybe just warm water but would that not really do anything . Any advice be much appreciated. Cheers gaz

Hi, happy new year

no reason you cannot dilute the Krudkutter degreaser to a mild mix, test on a small area. Better than soapy water with its residue which removing can be a bit like “chase the ace”.

More efficient is to use mild degreaser in tandem with say the Mirka Merlon fine abrasive, so you clean and key and remove nibs at same time.

Products like ESP and Deglossers are cleaners that etch, which is even more efficient, but only an advantage if the current surface is super smooth or was painted to a high standard before.

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Thanks Andy . Think il try rubbing down an washing at same time like u said . As it’s just lil nibs anyway .

Have you asked the customer if the staircase has been waxed? If so it will surely need the KrudKutter treatment followed by a rinse off and sand down.

It’s defo not been waxed . Just stained . Gonna dilute
The kk and then de nib with some Mirka pads .