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Non Yellowing Oil Based Gloss or Acrylic Gloss Recommendation

Can anyone recommend an oil based gloss that doesn’t yellow after 6-12 months and/or any recommendations for acrylic gloss that gives a finish equivalent/near to to oil based?

Have been looking at Mythic Interior Acrylic Latex High-Gloss and Feelings Helmi Gloss if anyone can give feedback on these?

Hi Mark,

I supply Scala products from Sweden and they have an oil based gloss which
is a very good hard wearing enamel for interior and exterior application.

The other alternative is the eicó Alterior Gloss a very hardwearing acrylic
which can be used both inside and out.

If you want any info on these do let me know.


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I rarely use gloss but I’d recommend Mylands acrylic gloss, a resin heavy hybrid. It needs a good undercoat - I use Zinsser Cover Stain - Mylands flows out well and with good technique and laying off gives a superb result

I’ve used the new Dulux Trade QD Gloss and that is very good. It’s the highest shine I’ve ever seen in a water based product. It’s easy to apply and keep a wet edge as well.
It is a hybrid though so expect some discolouring somewhere down the line but not as fast as oil based products.


Thanks for all your replies.

What would be best primer to use under the new Dulux Quick Drying undercoat and gloss?

Dulux would recommend their own QD undercoat for the job as it can also be used as a primer. I prefer Zinsser 123, that’s the standard 123 lather than the 123+.
I recently used both products on a redec and although the 123 isn’t as white as the gloss the superior opacity of the topcoat saw the job finished in one coat of each. Dulux do recommend two coats of gloss for the highest shine though.

So, would one full coat of 123 as a priming coat, one coat of QD undercoat and one top coat of QD gloss give an acceptable finish? or will it need the second coat of gloss?

I would budget for 2 coats of gloss over 123. I was overcoating existing aged white paintwork and 1 coat of gloss was acceptable to the customer. If you are looking for the best shine available I’d go for 2 coats of QD Gloss.

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Thanks for that Ron, most helpful.

The million dollar question, what is the track record of Dulux new QD gloss system? How long has it been out?

New paint products have to start somewhere, and so far so good, but I believe that to be fair to readers, recommendations should be based on what is known. If it is good after 6 months it should be recommended on that basis.

Too many false dawns with new products, not just from Dulux, others like Johnstones Aqua Gloss being heralded as the greatest thing ever, based on short term use, only to be dumped by many a year later because it doesn’t quite do what it says on the label.

How long has Skala and their oil gloss formulation been around @BenSturges ?

I’ll join in with the Scandinavian products and recommend Tikkurila Helm gloss.
Two coats over Otex primer, great sheen, hard wearing and lasts well.

What about Tikkurila Miranol. Has anyone any experience of whether this paint yellows?

there is a comparison done on a radiator using miranol and Rustins radiator paint

@mark has used Miranol over a number of years.

If you use white oil gloss on interiors, over time it will yellow, moreso in areas with little light. Fresh coats of paint are nothing new, but the weeks and months being reported so often between freshen ups isn’t right

Ten years ago I painted a friends doors with Dulux trade, they are interior panel doors, funny enough they have lasted really well so much for the Eu,i had a job for a customer recently,i used macerphersons gloss isn’t this American,they dont have to follow Eu laws if I am I thought it would be a better choice and reasonable price but will see how long they stay white when I go back next year.Miranol is a superb paint and not that much more expensive than the other brands on my next job I am using manor emulsion and very tempted to try there gloss ,not the non drip one,any feedback?the other gloss I have been impressed with is crown next generation.

Thanks for the link to the comparison Andy.

That’s made my mind up. I’m going to use Zinsser Coverstain as the undercoat then Miranol as the topcoat. It’s for 10 doors and skirting.

Got a couple of Red Fox brushes to try out as well :slight_smile:

Just one additional question. Can I safely use Owatrol Oil with the Miranol?

Thanks to everyone for their input.

If you have bleed through concerns that is fine, if not, Tikkurila Otex and Miranol would appear to be the “right” combination.

Thanks Andy.

Just one additional question. Can I safely use Owatrol Oil with the Miranol?

miranol is a self levelling paint,white sprit might be better.