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Oil based Coverstain and HVLP spray gun


Has anyone sprayed cover stain through a hvlp turbine, if so did you have to thin down much or use any additives ??
Thanks in advance.

Cover Stain sprays great through a hvlp. I use a #4 fluid set with a Graco. I’m not sure what this millimetre size is with other makes.I turn the air just over half way and the fluid to full.

I used to add Owatrol, for levelling, but have been finding newer batches of Cover Stain don’t adhere as well to difficult surfaces with it added. Just add white spirit until you can lift the stir stick from the paint and it immediately disipates into itself.

If you are painting old units or gloss wipe over the surface with a rag dampend in white spirit and allow to dry prior to painting. Because the product is thin it can ciss and pull away from itself in patches, this will help to stop that.

Thanks for the reply, will give it ago this week.