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Oil based gloss

HI folks looking for recommendations on a good oil based gloss,been using crown next generation gloss and undercoat,how much I like the end result I have had drying problems,on one job nearly two days.l Like Mironal and ottex. But not all customers want to pay that price what’s dulux trade like,or are there any other reliable oil glosses.

Hi Darlic

I have used Dulux trade gloss and get a great brush mark free sheen. My customers love the finish. BUT like like Crown it has a relatively long drying time. I last used it a couple of months ago on internal window cills but the following day found I had a minute problem with air borne dust so decided it was not a good enough finish. Started to sand down only to find the paint ‘rolling’ Quite clearly the paint was not dry. So, finish good drying time not so.

HI what drying times are we talking 16 hours?cheers

To day we have been spraying alterior gloss its water based,and perfect for brushing as well leaves a nice finish but not high gloss,and it’s a bit more expensive but worth it,but I do like a high gloss finish.

Hi darlic.

I would say that it was some 12 hours. But clearly it needed a few more hours - probably 10-12 - to really harden, so overall I reckon 24 hours to be dry enough for sanding.

HI what’s the dulux undercoat like?

Hi darlic

I have never had a problem as such but the covering power can be lacking a bit. No problems with drying time.

no longer use oil base anymore,it will waste your time and prolong the job.