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Oil or Water based paint for Kitchens

Hi all, I currently use a mix of paints for kitchens but mainly water based as some I spray mostly Helmi and Scuffx, but I have been toying with using more oil paints on my hand painted projects I have used oil eggshells that seem to be more durable with working kitchens but the last one I used Johnstones Eggshell that seemed very good except for the inital high sheen that took a few days to return to an eggshell sheen.

So any thoughts and recommendations for alternative oil paints are greatly appreciated.

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Good call Simon.

Iā€™m also very interested to hear about the various types of paint, finishes and which have worked well (or badly come to that) ā€¦ The articles on TP are very informative in the kitchen painting area but to hear from those using the materials and why would be very interesting.

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Hi i used scuff primer on a captains desk,incredable adhesion,and teknos,where i hit the desk with the chair left a slight mark,would come out with a magic eraser.but the paint is super tough,and levels nicely my only grumble the stix is thin,you dont need a lot,so it goses a long way.