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Oisin Self employed decorator Dublin


My name is Oisin Butler and I’m new here to Traditional Painter. I’m a self employed Painter and Decorator working in Dublin, Ireland. I have a great crew of painters and decorators working for me and though we do all types of painting and papering we like to think or ourselves as specialists when it comes to hand painted kitchens and fitted furniture.
I admire what Andy has done here and feel that its a great idea to share experience. On my own website, which is quite new by the way, I have started to blog about painting and decorating.

A friend asked why I would give out advice to people because they will just do the work themselves instead of calling on me to do it for them. Well, some people with little experience of painting are going to paint their own homes anyway so why not advise them?
I’m interested in keeping up to date with the techniques and paints other painters are using today and even though I’m qualified and have been in the trade for years I feel theres always something new to learn.


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Hi, I saw this post & went to take a look at your site & have fallen in love with one of your Duberry kitchens (I’d cook every day if I had a kitchen like that. Have added you on G+ & my hand-painted kitchen board on pinterest. Thank you for the tips & painting advice,what with everything I’ve learned here at TraditionalPainter from the experts & what I’m still to learn through your site maybe I’l get to enjoy painting & decorating in my home after-all (untill this morning I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever manage to complete a project without having to look for expert advice to fix-it.:sunglasses:

Hi Tina, the Duberry kitchens are amazing aren’t they? Shane Duberry is a real craftsman and his kitchens and fitted furniture are a joy to paint. If I had a Duberry kitchen at home I’d probably never leave the house!
I’m glad you like my tips and painting advice, always remeber the 3 P’s of painting - preparation, preparation, preparation!
You’ll get to enjoy painting your home, and anywhere else for that matter, when you stand back at the end of your job and admire the new surroundings that YOU created. A job done well is its own reward.