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Old timber framing

My biggest regular client has old timber framing beams (exterior) that need a bit of TLC.
They are already black, client has owned property for 10 years, they haven’t a clue what has been used, because they haven’t had any work done on them.
The beams could be original (250 years+), there have been some spliced repairs in done properly in the past but on the whole it looks mostly original. The expected ageing but generally in sound condition.
It’s a listed building but not in a conservation area. Not that it should matter as I’m only protecting existing not changing colours or physical structure.

Any recommendations for what coating (black) I should use? Client is creosote mad (equestrian centre and buys the licenced stuff) and said to use that I said NO!!! :roll_eyes: :scream:
Any things to be aware of?
Would I just brush down to clean then add coating?


Hi woodfinish direct, there the experts, just tell them ,your project, they would be able to recomend,always found them extremely knowelegable.cheers

Nice one, thanks Darlic.