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One coat Satinwood to refresh woodwork?

Right, quick one: did a quote yesterday, interior, customer’s woodwork is in good condition, but satin finish that’s just starting to turn.

He wants it doing, and I see my options as a) one coat of oil-based satin, or b) two coats of water-based, probably Dulux Diamond Satin which I am familiar with and use with Floetrol.

Thing is, there’s a lot of woodwork and I’d really like to do only one coat, as it’s not in bad nick and I’ll save my customer some money. Don’t think I’ll get away with just one Diamond Satin though.

Is there any other product I could use, or might I just be better off speccing for two Diamond Satin on the basis it will stay whiter twice as long as one of oil-based?

Also, all walls are painted white, quite flat but probably nothing special. I would normally use Dulux Vinyl Matt PBW, but just out of interest (and because it’s TP) should I be considering anything better? If so, please say why. I want to know what my money is going towards!


I can’t recommend a one coat self-priming water-borne wonder paint for trim with certainty. Mylands is possibly about the closest to that, but if it doesnt cover in one on edges you will be back to following the 2 coat spec of a variety of waterborne satin finishes. One coat maintenance in oil based, the Empire eggshell, doesnt have a history of yellowing prematurely. That may be the most cost effective as you will get the coverage in one and is a straight refresh of like on like.

Just so we don’t get too stereo typed, a wall paint alternative to Dulux would be Manor Coatings PBW vinyl matt at £24.75 + VAT for 5 litres. Their paint still performs like a good trade vinyl matt used to.

If you want high scrub lower sheen flat paint, you will have to pay for it. Little greene Intelligent Matt, not sure about pure bril white for that. Eico Alterior just saw an impressive video demo of that being scrub tested for a hotel. Ben at Paints and Interiors can help you there. Eko Joker for durable eco paint, there is flat Mylands wall paint lower sheen than Intelligent Matt. Good luck. Let us know which way you go.

Why not try zinerser perma white,that would work the eggshell is great stuff using it on another job soon,self priming and sticks to surfaces without sanding,they also do a booklet on there products and problem surfaces worth getting.

Gents, many thanks for your quick replies!

Andy, Empire sounds like a good choice, especially as the woodwork is currently (to my eye) more like eggshell than satin. It has a rough-ish texture that doesn’t feel so much like satin to me anyway. Just one thing - did you mean Tikkurila Empire rather than Mylands?

Darlic, Zinsser PermaWhite is an obvious choice that hadn’t occurred to me at all, but it is a sound one. I could get 10l from Holmans that should (hopefully) be more than enough for a one-coat maintenance on most of the walls and ceilings. Would you go eggshell for those surfaces? Current paint is fairly flat, probably vinyl matt.

I may be risking a telling-off here for saying one coat (am I??) but the truth is most of the walls really aren’t that bad, the tenant is an odd but likeable (and minted) French guy with OCD and the landlord wants to keep him happy. Ensuite also needs doing so Zinsser would cover that too. Result.

PS Darlic I bought two tubes of Everbuild Frame Sealant today, think it was you who recommended? Have some outside work next two weeks so will see how it goes.

Yes David go eggshell,keep pressing on.

Cheers Darlic.