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Paint adhesion/testing

Hi folks this post we will keep for paint adhesion and testing, I would like to see some tests done on fillers for shrinkage, primers /glosses for edge chiping ,and levelling.First thing is highest gloss,at the moment,i am looking at mironal/crafts master,epiphanes,sikens az,and dulux high trade gloss.Aslo we will look at thining paint down,wheither water/flowtrol,owatrol oil,or nothing.And finaly,paint adhesion cross tests.

Hi folks this is a better photo, you can see the toupret gras laquer,thought i would add a better photo, so you can see how thin,its got to be.I apply in two thin coats.Its great stuff works really well especially with colours like red and black.

Hi folks hope all is well, on this first sample i
applied sandtex primer /undercoat, which i got tinted to the top coat.The primer levelled
lovely and excellent opacity.Tinting is a big time saver,i think i could get away with one top,
but going for two.On the otherside,i applied the sandtex gloss over undercoated surface,would
need at least another two coats,as it was grinning through,and didnt level well.I cant really call this a test,because a test would involve lots of things but you can get an idear,where you can
waste time,and poorfinish.I am looking for a mirror finish so i am going to be picky.

Hi folks ,this test is intresting,one side gardz on mdf,
the other side,gras lacquer painted in dulux high gloss,the gardz,is slightly whiter,than the toupret,both surfaces were smooth,and brush free,no brushmarks.If you applied gras laquier to darker colours it would win all day long, myself i think its a close one, we will see after three coats.

Two different woods painted with same primer,one pine the other hardwood,painted in bullseye 123,the pine covered well,the hardwood didnt,as you can see give it a light sand with 180.Should have use bin on hardwood,but it gos to show,the importance of knowing your primers, and importance of testing,and reading data sheets.

First coat of varnish, on top of white gloss although, its slightly changed the colour of white,to an off white, you can see a glass finish.

Mironal nice shine,great levelling,i noticed when it was touch dry,if someone rubbed against,it wouldnt,mark,it felt really durable, and sanded down lovely.i am going to apply varnish over mironal,after 24 hours,and post finish.

Back in the day at college we had exercises to gloss varnish over undercoat. It meant we had to get a flawless finish in undercoat, so we were stippling and all sorts.

You should check out the gloss levels of miranol and the varnish. If there is little to no difference in the numbers, it would be better to apply extra Miranol, to avoid any adhesion issues.

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Thanks i think,on the varnish it would be better to use waterbased varnish,over gloss,instead of oil?waterbased varnish dosent yellow.I have just painted a piece of furniture,i used a matt,then put oil based gloss on top,it was a dark ish colour worked really well,just wanted,to make it more durable,and give a shine,will post photo when my cameras working.

This is a new one on me applying varnish over paint could someone enlighten me as to the advantages and the application details?
The other new one was Sandtex is not just a masonry paint company!

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Hi yes sandtex is masonry paint company, there gloss is very good. With varnish, it will make the surface more durable, and and with a couple of coats acheive a glass like finish. I Painted a piece of furniture,with a furniture paint,but because it was a high traffic area,i used the varnish to make it more durable.You can also use varnish over wall paint,say if you have a paint,thats not very durable,you could use polyline varnish,if your in boats you would use over your signwriting,then wax.Hope that helps.cheers

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I would be sure to check with manufacturers before applying varnish over finishes such as eggshell and gloss paint. We have heard it from the horses mouth about Tikkurila Helmi - if you want a more durable finish and don’t want to risk adhesion issues, apply another coat of Helmi paint.

Tikkurila Kiva has been applied over Helmi finishes when durability of the Helmi 10 has been questionable. But not as a standard spec.

Varnish over undercoat was an exercise, when gloss paints aren’t available.

Plenty of faux finishers will apply Diamond glaze or varnish over their scumbles and glazes to achieve the final sheen and protection.

And it is correct that Polyvine decorators varnish over emulsion wall paint is a tried and tested option.

The rest, I am not sure enough to offer definitive answers, to be honest. But happy to learn of lab tested options.

It is an old chestnut, but if we painters start infringing on the work of the science boffins, and start fiddling with their specs, we better be sure of our ground. Manufacturers generally wont be too willing to help if there is a failure down the road with a home brew approach.


Hi folks as for emulsions, which ones really adhere to the wall the best?And sand nicely,i guess zinerser allcoat has got to be o the list.cheers