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Paint brush care

Edit - I have narrowed this question down to tips on cleaning brushes.With 5 questions in one, it is hard to keep thoughts focussed.

For each separate idea, please Reply as new Topic to the right. it is a nifty function to help us channel thoughts into bite-sized chunks. As an idea comes in to your head, or you have a bunch of question that aren’t directly related, keep them separate with Reply as New Topic, so we can start another thread, and make sure this one doesn’t get so diverse we can’ t work out what is being talked about. Thanks*

Come on guys lets add some information

Right i will start things off,whats the best way off cleaning brushes,do we clean as we go along ,uses a paint-mate or paint go,to store as we need them,or krudcutter brush cleaner,take outside clean in bucket,do we use a comb to keep brushs in tip top condition,or wrap in tissue with elastic band.

There are a few topics here.

Cleaning brushes during use - drag through with a comb; or daub and clean in the CLean and Go, or wipe with a lint free rag; or wipe bristles vigorously in paint conditioner dropped onto a piece of lining paper.

Storing brushes that you are going to keep in the same colour - just store in the gel Store and Go, or in a brushmate for oil;

Keeping painty brushes safe till you can clean them - put in Paint Brush Cover or Brush Vest

Clean after use ready to store dry Leave brushes overnight in Krudkutter Brush Wash or original, preferably not resting on the bristles (in a Pelican with the magnet setup) Wash out in the morning under tap and flick out excess water and store in Paint Brush cover, or Brush Vest.

Quick cleaning brushes for a colour change In water, use the Clean and Go with the grid in the bottom.

I think the Dutch painters have got a system that we would do well to adopt. It isnt obvious because of cultural differences, they tend to use sash brushes, and also have had no oil paint in interior decorating for 10 years so have had to find a way to keep their brushes in good nick. It is still optional in UK to progress beyond the wasteful polluting ways of cleaning water based paint brushes, but it is coming.

Thanks Andy.

I have the clean and go system and paint mate,when i am working i use freezer bags to store my brushes in fora few hours it works,the seems of the bag shut nicely,also i store brushs in wonder wipe container excellent,and wrap in tissue with elastic band around them,what do you think Andy good or bad idear.

Not bad ideas at all.

More off the wall approaches - put oil brushes in freezer bags and put them in the freezer overnight.

I have heard decorators put roller sleeves in the washing machine. Not my recommendation btw!

Wouldn’t the brushes freeze,will give that one a try,changing the subject,i have been using my Tesco card as a filling blade.

I use a large Brush Mate for my oils, and a carrier bag for my rollers and brushes IF they’ll be used again the next day. Change of bag each day, of course.

Have to say I do pump my brushes out under the tap. Did buy a Purdy brush comb, but don’t believe it’s that effective. All it really does is run through the bristles. I wash my kettles and trays out each day with a standard washing-up brush, and find this is also handy for getting paint off the ferrule boundary of my Purdys, much more so than a “brush comb”.

Love my metal kettle and wiping it clean with Bigwipes after each use, but happy for any pointers as brush cleaning is very tedious…

What about krudcutter brush cleaner not bad.

used kruddkutter but don’t think it is very effective. cant beat the old ways…emulsion brushes- hot an cold water wash.little bit of fairy.job done.piccaso brushes are brillent to work with and clean.

rollers same as molly brushes…common sense really. oil based in brushmate.

merry Christmas

keep your oil brushes in a “brushmate 20” if changing colour clean in white sprite.rag off then a good shake out. I always wash out rolers/molly brushes each niht at home. or you can keep in plastic bags or brush vests found on the website “mypaintbrush” very good plastic brush covers. never leave brushes/rollers in water over night as to much water gets in the ferrels/stock. get in a routine of keeping tools clen for the next day.

krudcutter recommend leaving it overnight,as for paint-mate i have one as well as paint go,i am looking at doing a experiment,with emulsion rollers,how long they can last in,large plastic zipped bags,what we need is an inventor ,to come up with an idear for rollers like the paint mate.As for small pro dooze rollers,maybe you could put them in a paint mate just wrap in plastic so emulsion docent get on brush’s.

[quote]Quote from darlic on January 2, 2014, 18:06
what we need is an inventor ,to come up with an idear for rollers like the paint mate. As for small pro dooze rollers, maybe you could put them in a paint mate just wrap in plastic so emulsion docent get on brush’s.[/quote]

Store and Go gel is the new Brushmate for all paint brushes. Check it out. The gel will even go into a Brishmate!

Not sure about waterbased rollers in the Brushmate vapour. Try rollers you use in same colour for a while in the Kovrd

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For rollers, take outside once clean and spin off, for synthetic brush’s like corona, clean in warm water and every 40 minutes in hot weather.

For spinning brushs,rollers dry we use axus spin clean,exellent bit off kit, and brush comb,to remove stubborn bits off paint.

This is how my lad cleans paint trays,leaves them in a large drum of concentrated cleaner
works realy well.

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Hi folks I have a brush that my son when he was younger didn’t clean properly,theres paint on the outside of the metal feral,tryed removing with my
Wooster brush cleaner removed some,but not all.
Its a waterbased paint,how else can I remove to
restore to new,also theres a small bit of rust,
thought about use a bit of abranet then dab tha
area with owatrol to stop it rusting.Any thoughts
on using a safe stripper on that metal area?

have you tried soaking it overnight in a medium virosol solution ?
be sure to give it a thorough wash out with clean water afterwards

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For a quick clean, acetone should dissolve acrylic emulsion paint on a ferrule, but don’t get it near bristles! And keep yourself well ventilated.

This website called feltmagnet has a really useful summary of how to remove dried acrylic.

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