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Paint choice for Shower room


I have a small bathroom with a very powerful shower, which is used seeral times in a row most mornings!

The room is only about 2 metres square and is tiled for the most part. I have a ceiling, a door c/w architrave, a trap door to the roof space, and a small patch of untiled plastered wall, all of which I want to paint white.

I was after a suggestion for a suitable paint that would withstand daily condensation (which dries off after a little while, there is an extractor obviously!.)

I guess aggshell finish would be ideal - to do all the various surfaces in the same paint and avoid a matt ceiling + gloss door etc. and it needs to be quick drying to avoid family disharmony. I don’t mind doing a few coats but it needs to be dry and suitable for a bit of moisture between coats if poss.

I would like a fairly bright white to suit the tiles and not go all yellow with time!

IS this possible?!!

Any help greatly appreciated thanks !

Zinsser Perma-White would probably be the best option.

You could go for the eggshell version on the ceiling and the Satin on the trim. The eggshell is quite flat though so i wouldn’t use it on the trim. If you only want to buy one product I’d go for the satin on everything.

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Agree with Ron.

I painted my own bathroom with Perma White about four years ago.
With two teenage daughters taking forever with their showers, previous paint (Dulux Diamond Eggshell) had peeled blistered and mud cracked within a year. Prepped and cleaned, then two coats Perma White and it still looks good.

The labelling is American so, as Ron says, Perma White ‘Eggshell’ is very flat like a normal emulsion and Perma White ‘Satin’ about same sheen level as an acrylic eggshell.

Superb product with mould inhibitor that actually works, plus Zinsser adhesion qualities. And it can be tinted too

I spec it for all bath/shower rooms now.

That’s great thanks chaps, I shall give that a go then, appreciate your time and help!

Just wanted to say thanks again for the advice. The Perma White is exactly what I wanted, it is a clean bright white for the bathroom, it goes on well and covers well with a nice satin finish. Dries in a couple of hours ready for another coat. I have used it as a general white trim paint on another small job - it’s a great all round paint can’t recommend it enough. And mould resistant too, what more could you want? Thanks again for the help

Glad you’re pleased - I agree its a great all round paint - not just for bathrooms but many other uses too

What about a similar paint for bathroom walls? I had the perma white in mind for the ceiling but my wife wants a light grey colour for the walls. Can I get the perma white tinted?

Thanks in advance

Hi this is a job we done ,we used perma white for ceilings,and crown extreme for walls, this was a high condensation room, that got to easily steamed up, I advised the customer they needed more venting, if our paint system didn’t work, if that streaked the problem is beyond solving with paint. Also bear in mind if you have caulking it will take longer to dry out ,we are using den braven you can buy from decorating direct. You could also use little green intelligent, paint.

Yes Zinsser Perma White can be tinted to pale colours - I recently was asked for Dulux ‘Natural Calico’ colour for walls - Brewers tinted the Perma White superbly



Little Greene Paint Company produce a finish called “Intelligent Matt Emulsion”; it was mentioned by Darlic above; that would be my suggestion; it has been developed for areas of high humidity areas such as Kitchens and Bathrooms… its Matt (as the name says) and wears very well. Even though I am a Little Greene Paint Company Professional Distributor, I would still recommend it if I wasn’t!

All the best with your project

Ps. they also have a great colour range.

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