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Paint conditioner - whats the best one?

Whats the best paint conditioner,why do we have to condition paint surely manufactures should make paint so it dosent need to be conditioned,when i paint rooms i like to tape up everything like skirting boards,ceiling lines,extra but your taking a risk with the adhesion off the old paint so,going to change to wooster anged brush and conditioner,see if helps me improve cutting in may add some water to see if that helps got any idears guys. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As a general rule for conventional paints - Floetrol and water are safe for water based and Owatrol for oil. Advanced paints like Tikkurial and other Scandi paints, stick with water. Atmospheric conditions affect viscosity of paint so even the best flowing product out the tin needs help at times.

Can you use Owatrol in water and oil based paints. Adding water, will that help condition the paint and how much water to add?

Owatrol is the base of several water and oil based products from their range, but for us end users, use Owatrol oil only in oil paints.