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Paint crazing on wall

I have noticed on the walls in areas the paint is crazing,what do i do,was this where paint was re-coated to quick,also one wall there’s very slight mildew,and paint crazing,once i have cleaned of mildew,how do i deal with paint crazing,scrape off or use heat gun burn off then bulls eye once preparations done. :slight_smile:

The room was wallpapered about three years ago i am wondering whether its the old glue caused the crazing,i stripped all the paper off,then painted with cheap BQ emulsion,but i have learned a thing or two since then.As for the crazing paint how do i solve the problem.

Old paste residue is certainly one cause. Another cause is Matt emulsion applied over vinyl silk.
You could try Zinsser Guardz first, seal the wall with this, then apply your emulsion. Or go down the route of lining the walls first.

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