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Paint drying fast

hi ,has anybody had problems with dulux retail matt emulsion drying fast , customer supplied matt grey emulsion to paint walls with but it drys so fast its proving really difficult to get a good finish ,tried the usual extenders but not making much difference ,two walls are lined ,two plastered same outcome,i know the paint isnt the best but wondering if its a bad batch ? any thoughts much appreiciated

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What colour go grey was it ? I had an issue a couple of weeks ago.

I had a recent similar with Dulux Retail Endurance, colour was “Timeless”

Dried far too quickly and even backrollering didn’t work. I abandoned the retail paint, bought Dulux Flat Matt at my cost just to get job completed.

I dislike using Dulux (and Crown) primarily due to their vague and inaccurate colour tinting - the two DDCs in Bristol won’t guarantee colour accuracy between the two branches.
However I do find the Trade Flat Matt to be a very good product for opacity coverage and finish.

I can’t remember the last time I used Dulux retail, I’ll make sure I won’t again!

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the colour was called misty mountain,the customer taking remainder back to shop to change, trying a different batch apparently ,hope it works ,i did suggest trying a different brand in future!

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