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Paint drying times

First water based with windows open on a nice warm windy day ,how long before you can recoat, I have been following recommendations on tin, also with oil based how long before you can recoat, on a good day.cheers guys.

We’ve been using the new Zinsser All Coat Exterior for sash window refurbs - a one hour recoat time, great satin finish, really pleased with results

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Oil based primer base coats like Coverstain can be over coated in 2 hours.

Conventional oil undercoats and topcoats, best let them dry the full term per the instructions, rule of thumb is 16 hours. You can add driers, no telling the recoat time then, depends how much you add!

Thanks Andy what about emulsion on a good day, do dries really speed up recoat times.

Emulsion drying time depends on substrate. First coats on a decent run, you can sometimes keep going round and round.

The other rule of thumb with drying times is that if the paint is dragging the latest coat hasn’t dried yet. Quicker to watch the paint till it is dry, than battle it.

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So Andy on a nice summers day ,how long do you leave paint for 25 minutes with the windows open,and then if it starts dragging you stop?i tend to put my thumb against it to see if its dry but your the master.

You want to leave time for paint to dry. 25 minutes between coats isn’t quite what I had in mind when talking about going round and round a room!

You can hot coat oil varnish, 2 or 3 coats one on top of the other while tacky, that’s an old practice.

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