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Paint edgers

Hi folks has anyone hurd of the arrowbrush mxt,is it a good bit of equipment and timesaver when cutting in?cheers

Do you mean Arroworthy?

No Accubrush XT, we see lots of gimmicks come along but this one looks quiet good.

Give it enough time and there will be sheds and garages up and down the country full of discarded Accubrushes’, still wearing the paint from the first attempt and unwanted.

Just a suggestion but a brush and masking tape would work and stick an extra 5 quid on the job to cover materials.

A thread on Arroworthy brushes could have been interesting

I have a roller,that gets me close to the edge,i just make sure when rolling,i wipe any paint of plastic end,it doses work,will try and get a picture tonight,but always striving for improvement,i also have a fastrim roller,but to be honest,i am sure it works,but need to put a bit more practise in.Wheres the thread for arroworthy brushes?there rollers are great

Thought you had a typo and it was a thread on arroworthy.
I go to a local suppliers and its full of old painters who have been painting since they left school, most are in their 60s or fast approaching. They all follow the same process, they all have work and repeat clients and all produce a satisfactory job without tape. None of them would entertain trim rollers and I reckon the only change they’ve made (rightly or wrongly) is to swap out oil for a water based undercoat. That’s only because they can get their yellowing oil satin/gloss on the same day.
Anyway - its the keep it simple stuff, in the knowledge that the only people who make money from gimmicks are the UTube reviewers and initially the manufacturers.