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Paint not flowing out

I’m painting a kitchen using tikkuril feelings waterborne paint. I decided to use this paint after watching some Mark Nash Videos and wanting the same look (looks like its been spray painted but with faint brush strokes).
Unfortunately The paint seems to be drying too quickly before its had time to flow out. I’ve added some floetrol but that hasn’t really helped.
I’m not knocking the paint, as I’ve used it before on something else and it was great.
My question is- Can a room, be too hot for the paint to flow right, while I’m painting? This kitchen has under floor heating, which is on constantly. Is there an optimum temperature, which you would like a room to be at or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Hey TSB!.. I feel your pain…

Kitchens are a very hot and greasy environment which can mean that paints won’t always work as they are expected to or have done in other/different situations. You are correct in thinking that underfloor heating and AGA’s etc. can make using paint tricky.

Tikkurila Feeling/Helmi is a great furniture/kitchen specific paint and will give “perfect” results… as Mark demonstrates in his videos. But, there a few wrinkles that will help; over many years of using Tikkurila on my kitchens, I have found that Feelings/Helmi will drag and close out if the ambient temperature is too high… to counter this you must work quickly and also ease the paint with a little water (5%???), I have also found that it is beneficial to moisten the substrate - Mark prefers is water sprayer - I personally prefer a damp clothe.

What primer have you used prior to using Feelings?

Hope that this helps?


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Thanks for your reply Martin.
The kitchen is sprayed in AC primer. Holmans have said the paint will be ok, over it.
I will open all the windows and doors, when I go back to do some more painting, to try and get the temp. down, but I will try a little water and see if that helps.

agree with all of above - air flow is important (but not gusts of wind blowing through!) and temperature around 19/20C
Aga’s can be a right pain sometimes!!

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