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Paint over varnished woodwork with satinwood

Here’s a question -

Hi there.
I’ve just discovered your website and was wondering if you could give me some much needed advice as there are so many conflicting methods.

i have a job to do where the customer wants all doors,skirts and frames in white satinwood, bearing in mind they are currently varnished and this is a very large 6 bedroom house how would you recommend going about this to give the best results?

Any info would be greatly appreciated .


Hi Marc

Providing the varnish is in a good to reasonable condition my spec would be:

Wash down sugar soapor recommended degreaser Krud Kutter original
Good prep (machine sand if poss using 240 grit abranet (Mirka Abrasives)
1 x coat of Zinsser Coverstain
Nib back
2 x coats of Satinwood

Same spec for oil or water based finish

Cheers Russ

If you don’t prep correctly, this is what happens. This is a job I did last year there the prep wan’t done!!

Hi Marc,

My son and I have just completed a very large staircase/hallway in a Victorian house. It was painted in white eggshell finish that was on top of old very smooth varnish and seemed as though it had only a couple of coats at most. The problem we had was that the paint was chipping very easily and it was easy to just scrape most of it off with a sharp blade. Some of the more intricate areas required the use of trade strip which is a very good eco friendly paint stripper. After the usual prep we primed all the woodwork with Zinnser coverstain and finished with two coats of Dulux trade diamond satinwood to produce a very good finish. Mark