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Paint problem

A customer showed me a white patch on emulsion wall,which appeared a couple off months ,after the painter had painted the wall blue,myself I thought it was where he never primed the filler any idears,i use zinerser gardz for that are there any better products to use.

It could be Efflorescence mate

Lets talk about paint problems isnt this an area that affects us all,whats your recommended systems to solve,and diagnose?

Hi fellow friends been using mathys emulsion,we caulked our room with zwaluw wet on wet decorators
caulk and noticed crazing ,normally we use there anti crack version never had any problems the
only advantage was time difference when you can paint.Has anyone elses had the problem with
that caulk?

Hi fellow painters had a few blisters in my painted wall,the wall was cleaned ,our Wooster Dustbuster
so it wasn’t dirt allow plenty of drying time for paint ,but its an outside wall so wondering if that could
be a part of the problem instead of leaving 4 hours being its cold go for longer.We sanded back ,and
coverstained but not back to the bare plaster then filled that may of helped,us.Now theses few blisters
are becoming a pain,for experiment i used a needle pricked the middle of blister putting slight pressure
on with my thumb and it worked,i am going to sand and gardz wall to see if it doses it again ,there is a
wooden window thats gets a lot of moisture ,and i am certain this is a moisture problem.

Proper prep is like proper health,if we clean the wall.grease grime mould wont be the problem,come
on folks lets talk about paint problems and how to solve?

If readers do a search for “preparation” that will produce a lot of results for correct approach to different surfaces. If it goes wrong, then we can try help.

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