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Paint splatters on old exterior brickwork

Hi, I am hoping for some solid trustworthy advice.
The bricks on my Edwardian home have paint splatters on them around many of the windows. This looks to be the result of some messy window painting sessions, with what I assume is most probably oil based paint. I have no idea how long the splatters have been there, but they need to go! How can I best go about getting these off without damaging the old (red) bricks?

Many thanks

HIi take a look at decorating direct Upvc cleaner you will see it on there,removes paint ,I have used with sucess on many surfaces,good luck
any further questions just ask .

Hello W!

I find the best thing to do in these sorts of situations is to talk to a chemist… I have always had great advice from Willem at Fluxaf, I would recommend speaking with him. Please follow the following link and send him a message (use my name if that helps!).

All the best


to learnermiss - please post your findings , i’d love to know if theres anything that works effectively without bleaching the brickwork!

to darlic - have you actually used the uPvc cleaner on brick?

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Yes can be bought from decorating direct,my neighbour had builders in left a few bits of plaster on brickwork worked wonders if in doubt test a area that won’t really notice.also had success using it on laminated flooring removing gloss paint left by bogeys,worked wonders.

I have also successfully removed roughcast from Upvc,paint from glass without scratching,paint from carpet but not with that stuff other chemicals,adhesive glue from Upvc ,paint from brass handles,and many more.

Hi, referring to the paint splatters on brick work, I have successfully cleaned bricks with the Fluxaf Super paint stripper, ( available at mypaintbrush .com) easy to apply being of thixotropic consistency let it do the work and then simply wash bricks with green scourer and warm water to remove the paint residue.

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If you look at Upvc restoration you will see some pictures of paint I removed,I will add to that section in coming months

What about applying fluxaf with small brush dabing on paint easing up with a plastic filling blade?