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Paint storage

Hi folks how do you store your paint?how long doses paint last for,and when do you no the paint is no
longer any good?cheers

Hi, I would think the simplest way to see how to store paint correctly is talk to your local paint store.

Data sheets also mention temperature and shelf life.

The following answers off the top of my head are just anecdotal, so your milage may vary.

Paint in unopened tins will last a lot longer than paint that has been exposed to air. How long?

ie One pack oil based paints - everyday oil paint seem to have a longer life than advertised. I once saw a batch of 10 year old Farrow and Ball flat oil for sale, they said it was usable.

Waterbased paints stored correctly and unopened seem to be good way beyond the advertised time.

Unopened 2-pack paints tend to literally expire and lose their chemical potency after 12 months.

Oil paint can settle and seem unusable, but a good stir and straining through a filter before use is probably enough.

Frost is the enemy of waterbased paints. Once damaged, they are unusable.

Odds and sods of left over emulsion paint, you can batch them all up and use as a first coat. We used to use old oil paint left overs batched up and scrubbed inside metal gutters.

The Newlife guys go around the country taking old waterbased paint off of councils and recycling it.

If you have knackered old paint, Check your local council are still OK with the following. Pour paint onto cardboard and leave it to dry. Once dried, I understand that is safe for landfill.

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Thanks Andy going to bring my paint in the house when the frost comes, did think about a heater,not to warm the paint,but to keep the frost at bay. Another option, was to insulate boxes, and put in loft? Thanks again

Is a good question Jason … can’t tell you how many old wall paints I left in the shed that turned to cottage cheese over past years.

I also keep all the paints in house now and try to find a storage corner in each room they are being used in as I can never remember the colour definitions later on!

Just building on your original question, I’ve never managed to open a tin of paint, use it and come back to it x months later without there being a horrible crust around the edge.

Are there any methods to keep the lid and can edge clean when sealing up and reopening without getting that crud in the paint mix?

Oh just to add the insulated box in the attic trick has worked for us as well with success.


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Why not before finishing with paint wipe around rim withwonderwipe,if its waterbased,sprinkle a bit of water on the top.

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