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Paint stripper; Eco preferred if it's okay?


Planning the stage of my project and it is going to involve a lot of paint stripping. My original plan was to use the Mirka Deros to sand it back to a flat state and then paint on top. However, after removing paint from the sill and seeing similar layers of paint on the wood I feel I should get it back to the wood and start afresh.

I had a read about Fluxaf but reviews are patchy, some hate it some say they love it. I always used Nitromors in the past but the old formula was nasty stuff and now I am reading a lot of people hate the new formula!

So can the experts advise me on a decent paint stripper please? I would prefer an Eco version if it works.

Thanks to all


You could have a look at this Dave - I haven’t used it yet but I probably will try if I ever need to get a lot of paint off. Smaller jobs I tend to use a heat gun carefully.

Hi, check this article out, it covers DIY and trade using Fluxaf stripper. There are other eco strippers as mentioned. You are right, Nitromors not much fun.

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