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Paint supply

I thought that I would bring to your attention that Holmans Paint in Swindon are now closed due to the Pandemic so no clue as to when it will re-open and therefore unable to get supplies from them but particularly Tikkurila. I have found an alternative supplier who stocks Tikkurila for the South East. The company is : Grays the paint shop at Basingstoke tel 01256 834624.
and Camberley 01256 354137. Hope this info helps.

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There is also Tikkurila direct from central depot in Scotland

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They have some good products, and if they don’t stock it they can find it,and open the shop after hours if you need something, john greys a sound guy, I believe he’s in Basingstoke now.

Hi darlic. Grays at Basingstoke is where I ordered and expect delivery tomorrow. Not bad considering I ordered on Friday. Don’t know who I spoke to but the guy was very helpful.