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Paint system for bare wood trim

Hello chaps,

Have a loft conversion to decorate and want to try a TP system for the new woodwork. Could you suggest a white gloss finish paint and appropriate primer/undercoat for me. I’m fairly new to decorating and even newer to the TP ways so something I could get on with bearing in mind my limited experience!

Have got some new oak doors to cover and Sikkens Cetol BL Unitop has been suggested by claytondecorating (Neil) will this be ok for the previously stained/varnished handrails?
Also, I’m thinking of buying a 2.5 Picasso for the walls and ceilings but what should I get for the architrave and skirtings? And a brush for the Cetol BL Unitop?

Thanks in advance,


Good afternoon, Lee.
If you’d like to give me a call, I could run through the system + process and materials that I would use for a project like yours.

My number is 07938856676.

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For gloss mironal ,and otex for primer undercoat, cheers jason

Thanks Jason,

Have gone with Neil’s earlier suggestion of the Mylands white knotting, Dulux quick drying water based primer/undercoat and Dulux QD gloss as I had to do my shopping this afternoon. Might try yours out next time.
Also wait for my first purchase from my paintbrush to be delivered: 1 Picasso 2.5", 1 set of Fox Silver, Prestonet filler and some Axus mini roller sleeves.

Many thanks,