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Paint thickness

Whats your thoughts folks on applying a thick coat of paint to try and achieve one coat coverage?that includes on doors and walls?

Not that I would want to encourage such folly but…

Never seen it sold in UK.

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By building up four coats of a really good quality paint how much depth would that add to surface?

To answer your question about paint thicknesses - not all paints are created equal. On average 100 microns per coat but 130 for say Helmi woodwork paints, 25 microns Mythic emulsion.

There is an indepth article here on achieving super smooth finishes on walls. Towards the end covers painting ideas.

A couple of thoughts:

  • I would advocate surface filling as the way to go for a smooth painted finish, not loads of coats of paint.

  • For a smooth painted finish overall you need to fill the pores in the wall surface first and hopefully that leaves you the base for future smoothness.

conventional matt emulsions are 100+ microns and shrink back considerably when dry, so to get the finish paint to fill the “pores” and leave a super flat finish, you can use a fairly coarse 220 grade sander.

Thanks Andy it pays to read the data sheet,study the areas the paint performs in,or not.