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Paint viscosity

I have been in conversation with our U.S friend Jack about paints. I hve found it interesting that he does not use additives in his paint only water as the paint manufacturers have not recommended any third party products. Also Jack showed me some of his videos on his preferred viscosity of paints. In comparison to what I have used his flowed really well from the can but what I use flops and rolls out like mud! (johnstones covaplus)

Jack said this is why he uses Behr paint as it is ready to use from the tin. Is there such a paint in the UK, how do you guys deal with getting the right viscosity for rolling and brushing?

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I am sure JP has done his research and is correct for his market re additives.

From the horses mouth in the UK market, no additives except water are recommended for Tikkurila paints. Floetrol was mentioned to the Farrow and Ball chemist and he had no issue with it in his paint. Floetrol has been OK’d by Eico, XIM is expressly not recommended by Eico. Their 100% acrylic paint is affected by the alcohol in XIM, the white changes colour a tad.

US acrylic paint in the UK - Mythic. It has nice flow out the can, but been a while, so if anyone else knows its viscosity, it might give you an idea

In the UK, the trade are used to having their paint lumpy so they can play with it and feel in control of the mix. Jack as ever isn’t interested in anything that affects efficiency and so opening a can of paint that works straight out the tin is going to get a few stars from him straight away. Meanwhile the UK contractor with vinyl based paints is expecting lumpy custard so they can spend hours mixing it up with the advantage of getting 6 litres out of a 5 litre can, maybe.

I believe Jack gets a bit of stick for Behr, because it ain;t no Benjamin Moore.

Sprayers have something to teach about viscosity.

I saw those viscosity videos and couldn’t believe how thin that paint was. I was thinking runs, sags etc

Does he spray or brush with that paint as that makes a difference.

Has anyone here used any of those American paints and how do they compare with our emulsions or semi gloss trim paints?
I presume they are of a much higher quality than the paints we use from the usual suspects of Dulux, Crown, Jonnos etc.

What I felt was I could not get my rollers as loaded as Jack was doing, now seeing the viscosity he works with I can see why. I added some water to some of our lumpy emulsion to get a similar viscosity to what Jack showed and bam! better loads on the roller and brushes!

here are the viscosity vids for anyone who has not seen them

What do you guys find is your average amount of water you add per liter of emulsion for rolling and brushing?

So many variables mate. I was using ecosure matt last week. Rolled perfect from the tin. Same with F&B - straight from the tin no messing about and lays flat. Dulux vinyl matt or diamond matt - you never know what you’re getting so you just have to thin as you think necessary once you open the tin. Not sure there’s an average. It depends what you buy and what you’re putting it onto.