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Paint Warming - Another Engineering Problem

I’ve been very pleased with Go! Paint’s Paint and Go kettle and liner system (if only I could find where I safely stored the spare lids!). I noticed that they also have an electrically heated kettle to reduce the viscosity to make things easier but the cost is too much for a DIYer like me.
I have tried putting hot water in bottom of the kettle and then putting the plastic liner on top of that with some degree of success but I wondered if anyone has tried putting hand warmer sachets instead of the hot water to keep the heat there over a longer period.

It’s great hearing from diy painting enthusiast engineers like yourself, different perspectives, thanks.

I understand heated paint kettles seem a bit out there, but they seem to last and last.

Neil Callender was the first user in the UK, I believe.

For anyone not sure about FlowControl kettles, this article from Mark Roberts in the NW spills the beans and covers many of the previous contrived attempts to try emulate what this kettle does with ease.

For the next evolution I would have a solar cell charger to take the load off the national grid, there’s a challenge for you John!

Have you filed a patent yet?

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Hi folks if you want to thin paint down,what about putting tin in hot water,or close to a radiator?