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Paint woodwork, then tape, then paint walls. Tape tips please

Right I am starting a new room ,this time around I am going to do the undercoating glossing first then emulsion last so I can tape the skirting and frames and get them nice crisp straight lines, as for doors will be using la gras,these doors were only painted last year with mironal,was thinking just key them then apply or undercoat with ottex then apply any idears?As for tape on skirting I will use low tack off course,how long will be suffient time for gloss to harden enogh to apply tape,if any bits come off I will just touch up any help apprated.

When you tape skirting ,do you ,remove just before it dries then tape again or just take a chance on the first tape lifting any paint,on Ron taylors article he says use coverstain where your going to tape,i take it that means he would have appled the gloss then taped?i always used kleenedge and leave it on no more than two days,never seem to have any problems ,but always striving for improvement.

no you let the walls dry then run a blade down it gently and remove tape that you have applied to finished woodwork and make sure you bed the tape in properly with the back of your blade

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When using frog tape i run a damp,cloth,along the edge to activate seal,to prevent paint bleed,yes using a blade is a good idear,many thanks for that.

what size tape will you use ?

With 24mm frog tape for delicate surfaces

will that fully overhang the size of the skirting ?
to avoid roller fallout thats why i am asking

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