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Painted Pine Wardrobe

I completed my first hand painted furniture project for a paying customer prior to Christmas.

It was a fairly substantial pine wardrobe in a rather small bedroom so it was a bit cramped. The customers had been contemplating selling it and buying something more modern but after searching on Google for someone who could perhaps paint it and finding my website they asked me to call round to give them a price.

They had seen some pictures online of the type of result they wanted to achieve plus they had colours in mind. I told them all about the process involved, the paints I would use, how long it would take and gave them a price.

My price was accepted, colours agreed and I started early in November.

After covering everything I degreased it with Fluxaf and then gave it a good sanding with my Festool RTS 400 and Mirka gold pads. After hoovering off any dust residue and wiping over with tack rags it was ready for a coat of BIN applied with a Fox original brush to seal the knots.

After leaving this to dry I applied 2 coats of Tikkurila Otex tinted to Little Green ‘Inox’ using Proform Blaze and Staalmeester brushes. I left 24 hours between coats and gave it a light sanding also. I then applied 2 coats of Helmi 30 once again leaving a full day between coats.

The customers then wanted me to paint the cornice, motif, mouldings etc in a darker colour. After carefully masking off with Tesa pink tape and a light sanding I then applied 2 coats of Helmi 30 in another Little Greene colour called ‘Dark Teal’.

This is the end result.


Looks great Mark. Not sure about the colour scheme though! Looked good all white I thought.

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Nice job Mark. Thanks for talking us through it.

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Hi Mark where do you get your otex Tikkurila?
I would like to give I a try.

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I get it direct from Ben Adams. Send him a message asking for a price list -


Do you ever use owatrol easy prep mark?

Amazing what a ‘lick of paint’ will do… nice project.


Haven’t used it Jason. Have you?

yes,on a varnished wood,check it out.

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Mark press in owatrol easy prep on main page search,theres a small article.

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