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Painted Wallpaper Sealant wipeable?

Evening all.

Speaking to a gentleman over the weekend (in a related trade) who mentioned about a trade sealant for paintwork over paper that was a ‘sort of’ varnish for paint that set matt like Osmo Raw.

He said that it brushed on, sealed paint/wallpaper such that it became wipe down cleanable. Like a burke I forgot to note exactly what it was. Wandering if any of you might know what that might be?

Is not a consideration just yet as still wading through clouds of Presonett talcum powder in the kitchen!!! but New Year hall and landing looms.

Any pointers as to what this might be or a way to go would be appreciated…sorry details are a bit vague.

This is the product he may have been talking about - Polyvine Decorators Varnish Check this article for some tips on what to consider. cheers


Brilliant thanks Andy…so the jury is a bit out on it but follow the application rules ‘if’ plan to use.

I have a strong feeling it was this stuff he was on about…he specifically mentioned the phrase dead flat. I’m not at that point for a few more weeks but is useful to understand the product and highs and lows before crashing in.

It seems to be a good example of how you need to pick an appropriate and good product to suit a particular situation, rather than try shoe horn a particular product in to every situation. Furniture, chalk paint, wallpaper, emulsion on walls, all the same but different.

Earthborn also do a wall glaze but I think it has a slight sheen. I need to get some in to try sometime soon.

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Thanks Greenpainting for the pointer…next job is a huge hall, stairs and landing which have a large wall span.

Paintwork is level and in reasonable shape but takes a kid beating. The previous Dulux finish (which will go) was very prone to hand prints, grease etc and I’m keen not to revisit that anytime soon once it’s done again. I need be realistic to the fact it’s a high traffic (domestically) area but anything I can identify that can protect it without negatively impacting the look and feel is very useful to know about.

Will take a look at that one for sure. Cheers