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Painters wages in Switzerland

Came cross monthly wage rates in Switzerland in 2012. An experienced painter is on about €65k and an unskilled painter is on about €50k, plus they receive an extra (13th) month salary at the end of the year; €250 a month lunch allowance if they can’t get home for lunch. 27 work days off plus 9 bank holidays; near enough full pay for the time they do military service; 5 days a year improvement / skills training

They look fantastically high wages, but as a gauge, a low working wage (not minimum wage) is currently about €40k a year in Switzerland, an experienced schoolteacher earns about €80k, a university professor is on €180-€250k a year.

The figures in the table are Swiss francs which is almost on parity with the euro


Just found this post! I know living standards are very expensive in Switzerland but sounds good compared to most Painters here in Northern Ireland are on minimum wage or just slightly above. That is employed painters on PAYE. This also reflects on to the Self employed.What ever happened to the rates of pay associated to CSR cards. I remember getting over £10PH about 15 years ago

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