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Painting a bath tub

I have an enamelled steel bath which is badly stained. The plan is to replace it at some point, but I’m wondering if painting it is an option. I know there are kits available and I’d like to know if they are worth buying or do any of the forum members have a better way of doing it? Realistically, how long should a finish like this last?


It isn’t a project I would take on. My knowledge on this topic starts and stops at having the bath taken out and re-fired. Or buy a new one. This site explains the full restoration process.

There are examples of Traditional Painter members decorating the exterior of steel baths, but that is a different ballgame.

Maybe someone has better info for you.

Thanks Andy,

it looks like a very involved process and I’m not keep to tackle it if the results aren’t all that. I’m veering towards not doing it at this stage.