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Painting a marble fireplace?

Hello all,

This may be anathema to most, but has anyone got any recommendations for painting marble (a very ugly red/brown marble fireplace)? In particular any prep and primer tips?

Many thanks,


You might want to give blackfriars problem solving primer a go, do a test first. I have found if its gonna stick its usually good in about 24 hours and wont scratch off with a finger nail.

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Once primed, and sticking well, away you go. I am just recalling old marble fireplaces that we stripped of a gloss finish using Peelaway years ago. They wouldnt have had any hi tech primers in the 70’s when it was all the rage to get rid of those sorts of features under white gloss, so a Coverstain or BFPS or BIN should fly it.

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Thanks guys - really appreciated.