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Painting asbestos fascia boards

Write i have some facial boards to paint,there asbestos i think,before the front door i also have a ceiling to paint that i would guise is asbestos 1970 house,by the door i will just lightly rub over,same for facials,on the porch roof which looks like the felt is about 15 years,i will put plywood to stop steps damaging felt,as for painting any recommendations whats the best quick drying water based undercoat,and same for gloss,has anyone any experience with johnstones aqua gloss.As for brickwork,on edge off facail i will run tape along edge so no paint gets on brickwork,and keep the wonder wipes handy,and use my caulking tool to cut in by gutters to avoid paint getting on them,whats the best,extension poll for this job,so i can reach say from porch roof to the end facial,must be 10 feet distance,i will also lay sheeting on grass,as for rollers any recommendations.This job for me is important shes my mates mum and local community person,so its got to be to the best off my ability any help appreciated.

Please do not rub down any asbestos sheeting or fascias!!!

I cannot advise you beyond that on preparing asbestos, as my experience is from back in the day when nobody thought it was that big a deal to clean down asbestos gutters!!

We sealed the bare asbestos with emulsion paint or an alkali resisting primer and then painted as normal. The sealer prevented oil undercoat and gloss paints from saponifying (going soapy). So a waterbased system to seal and paint asbestos makes most sense, but until it is prepped safely, paint choice is a moot point.

It sounds like you are geared up right for protecting the brickwork in case of paint spills. Fluxaf Graffi Clean would be worth having around to remove older paint marks.

I am a one trick pony for roller kit and the Wooster Sherlock poles are my favourites. They take Wooster and standard roller handles, and every part of the quick release mechanisms can be replaced, making it literally a pole for life, assuming you don’t lose it :slight_smile:

Thanks Andy,its only a suggestion the facial boards look quite good what about using krudcutter,to wipe over there be no dust,as for by the entrance to door the ceiling is flaking,i will tell her i will have to leave it,but not sure if that’s asbestos,there’s no way off noing without disturbing it,as for fluxaf graffi clean,for removing old paint,maybe worth ordering some have you used it on exterior brickwork with good results.

The fascias is not an area I can advise on, mate.

I can’t find pictures but Jason in Lancashire had aerosol graffiti on the back wall of his natural stone shed and it took it straight off the following day, washes down with water. Check out here too Russ used it to remove oil paint from brass, aerosol paint from wallpaper. It is one of those universal products, takes wax off wood… Put it on your next order from mypaintbrush

Darlic, this may seem like an important job to you but please (as Andy says) do touch that Asbestos with out seeking expert advice. If mine and Andy’s warnings arent enough for you then read this:

Not used the Graffiti cleaner on brickwork, but Jase has with good results, I think he put pictures on Twitter @jsdecor

Thanks Russ i told her i cant do it.

I have a job coming up with cement soffits that contain about 10% asbestos. I have researched and found that this level is relatively harmless, partly due to the way it’s bound within the cement. Still, reading this I am now crapping myself!

So, for flaky paint on these soffits, the sensible approach is to:

  1. Buy a proper dust mask
  2. Wet sand only (though some scraping will be necessary)
  3. Seal with emulsion? I was planning to treat as masonry and use Dulux Masonry, probably thinned slightly for a first coat.

Hi David

The most sensible approach in my opinion would be to leave well alone!

Thanks for the link. In regard to whether asbestos cement is dangerous, the site says

“You don’t need a licence to carry out work with asbestos cement, and it also doesn’t usually need to be notified”

So it’s not the worst form (which I wouldn’t touch anyway).