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Painting butt hinge kitchen doors

I’d like to paint our in frame kitchen, so looking for some advice please. I’ve found all the advice on this site regarding prep but what is the process of painting the doors. Do you remove them from the frames, remove the hinges then paint both sides of the door before replacing them or do you paint them attached to the frames trying hard not to paint the hinges. Do you paint the back of the door first or front then sides or vice-versa. Sorry if these questions sound basic but I want to do it right, so any advice would be really appreciated

If you check out this short article from Lee Simone it shows the painting sequence in general terms.

It hinges on the Erecta rack, a preferred choice of racking for many kitchen painters. There are other ways to rack obviously. Using the rack, the answer is Yes to all the following observations

Before convenient on-site racking came on the scene, I used to paint doors one side, lean doors carefully against each other upright, like a concertina with tiny touch points. When dry repeat. This system worked well with oil especially, for preventing any contamination floating onto slow drying surfaces. These days water borne dries fast, and even oil based Empire or Little Greene eggshell are remarkably fast drying oil paints.

For a rack could you not use clothes airer?

For a one off DIY project it is worth a try, but best check before you start painting how many doors it takes before it collapses!

We know of DIY readers here who bought an erecta rack for a project and had no problem selling it afterwards. Quite a few of the Traditional Painters have at least 2 racks, I’m sure other painting companies around the country also have an extra erecta rack on their “to buy” list, so there is scope for a “second hand” sale

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