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Painting custom made MDF furniture

Best way to paint MDF?
I painted this MDF unit from bare, one coat of acrylic primer/undercoat slightly thinned, followed by 3 coats of F&B eggshell, no F&B u/c. The customer was extremely happy with the results and I have painted two other pieces of furniture and all the rooms in their house over the last 2 years. Anytime I return to do more work I check the work done previously and it all looks good.
No chipped paint!
I have also used a system of 2 coats primer/undercoat and 2 coats of eggshell and the results are more or less the same. (Depending on the colour) But for me 3 top coats is best.
I would be interested in any other systems or ideas? Like what primer.

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