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Painting disasters

afternoon andy

ebony sadolin stain. dropped from second story. the kettle hit the bottom window which was open . her lounge was splatted in stain. walls,carpet, arm chairs. thank god for pb insurance. total cost £2,500. but she was very under standing…


Not my mishap but my wife told me when she was younger her dad decided to paint the exterior of their house - so she and her mum went shopping for the day while he got on with the job.
Apparantly he had masked all the openings as he was going to spray it with an exterior white - when they returned the house apparantly looked great and so did the lawn, hedges on either side of the lawn, the drive and even some of the front gate. She said it would have been great if it was chrismas as it looked like a blanket of snow but it was mid summer :slight_smile:

Not everything goes well, so keep us all grounded and please share any episodes that weren’t particularly amusing at the time, but you can smile about now.

For kick off, I once told a homeowner that we were about to paint the exterior masonry, and could he please move his car. He did. We rolled, the wind picked up, all fine and dandy. We saw him drive off to do some shopping, but we didn’t see him come back.

The next thing he is stood at the foot of my ladder asking if we have any paint stripper handy.


There is paint all over my car.

Unbeknown to us he had driven onto the driveway and parked up. It was splattered from stem to stern in Sandtex.

The paint came off fine with a sponge and warm water, but till it did wipe clean, it wasn’t that amusing.

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Doing a bit off wallpaper stripping today,the paper was thick embossed taped light switch with waterproof tape, the customer said all the electric has gone out, loosened the switch, a drip had got behind socket, got a hair dryer and dried it out ,it wasn’t amusing bought the customers flowers and cakes ,After we put a plastic sandwich bag around switch and taped,it been a lesson.

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