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Painting exterior

Well been painting a exterior this is what i hope to specalise in just need a
few tips,these mobile homes average 36 feet in length,what will be the best
dust sheet to protect floor, need something say 3ft wide by 10ft or more long,
as for tape i had to tape the PVC facials,what would be the best exterior tape to use,something that can be left on,say a month,as for dusting cobwebs under ,facials ,i used a brush anything more quicker,did think my henrey but its working on a platform so may not be a good idear,thought about seeing if i could get a extendible hose or make one,the other idear was the dustbuster,
its roughcast don’t think that will be a good idear.As for painting roughtcast,
this is a fine masonry paint,not a textured that you would use the yellow rollers,with pea holes,what are the best exterior lambswool rollers,on market,and exterior brushes for masonry paint.I have the fall Wooster kit ,can you get lambswool rollers to fit.Now some other questions,getting a straight line on a edge where its roughcast,is it possible?Around the mobile home there’s brick skirting,to avoid paint getting on i am placing plastic board ,by the brick i was thinking about getting a 8ft sheet off ply cut are there,any other alternatives,ways,any idears really appreciated this has got to be perfect its one off them jobs the end result will be a wreck ,transformed to a nice home,hopefully gain some good word from it.

Please read the above article whats the best tape for use on brickwork,something that dosent ,leave a sticky residue,and can be left on for a few weeks.

Whats the best way to check on a exterior roughcast paint,for powdery surface when i go in a house its the wet finger,and for paint adhension,tape,but how can you tell on a sitution like this,the same,on this job i have done two coats the paint absorbed through on first coat,maybe i should have used a sealer,but never the less its a 100 percent improvement.

Need some help with this got another job coming up whats the best tape to use on brickwork please read the above.

Tesa orange for brickwork

Thanks your a star.