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Painting Extruded Aluminium Guttering

Many moons ago I posted a thread about ‘best prep & finish for cast iron guttering’ to which I got some superb answers and advice from loads of folks…really useful stuff.

Well I’m back again with extruded aluminium ones this time! :slight_smile:

It’s an ex-council house and has what to my mind are way over specified good quality guttering with a matt black finish on it.

The finish whilst unbroken is tired and has a sort of dull bloom over it. I’d like to gloss black them but not sure of the best paint base and finish to achieve a solid professional result.

Having posted the cast iron thread (and indeed one the other day about asbestos soffits) I’m learning that there more than a little science and chemistry to getting a good finish…not just sanding and elbow grease.

Appreciate any advice to make sure I make it a pro job. All the best

If the existing coat is in good condition you could look at something like Zinsser Allcoat exterior. That’ll go over most things and it’s nice to use. Two coats on what you have will give you a good hard wearing gloss.

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Hi greenpainting, yes in practical terms its rock solid in fact. Just needs a good clean.

I read somewhere that you need avoid anything with ammonia in as it can react with the aluminium.

I have used the Zinsser Stain Block previously and that was good to use. Not used the Allcoat but if it’s as good then I’d have no problem with that…it dried very flat and tight.

And then on top of that would you use an Oil based paint…like a Sikkens one?
I’ve dropped a bit lucky for once…the roof needs work and there are a team of roofers in the road doing a good number of houses. They are going to do this one and the scaffold is in with the price so for once it should a doddle to get the high level in good shape.

Many thanks for the advice.

Use Brantho-Korrux 3 in 1. Brantho Korrux is an industrial quality paint but really easy to use. We can tint it here so you can have pretty much any colour you want.


That’s for the gloss top coat is it Ben?

The guttering system is standard 3 bed semi stuff…with two down pipes. I guess a 2.5 ltr can should be more than enough.

Thanks Ben…will email you for prices on a few bits in fact.

Its a Satin finish and no undercoat required. Just apply either 2 or 3 coats and job done.

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No gloss option Ben?

Just Satin i am afraid.

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I think the Zinsser Allcoat that Greenpainting mentioned is a finish paint that comes in gloss and satin. I got a free tin of black from Brewers recently!

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Ahh many thanks for clarifying…I had it in mind it was a sealer/primer. Did not click that it was primer and top coat…I guess the hint is in fact in the name :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that out…and could make things easier again. All the best

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Self priming too.

Just some feedback on the Zinseer Allcoat…it’s a first class product. Applies well although I was a bit hampered by some scaffold fitted a little too close to the soffit and fascias which made efficient application a bit awkward. I’m not sure if it tacked a little quick or it was just that the angle of application was compromised so I was slow applying…I think the latter.

But the finish is impressive. I wasn’t sure about the satin finish at first but in reality it looks very very nice. And it is totally forgiving to apply.

The nature of the application we had meant that the aluminium gutters where tight fitted against the fascia so once the wooden shoulder was stripped and a tiny sealant bead run in, the paint covered the gutter and the wooden shoulder very seamlessly.

In fact it applies so well I’ve decided to do the grey down pipes and it applies to them perfectly as well.

It does not clean up with white spirit, I had to use standard thinners but then again did check? You know the answer…

A definite thumbs up for the Allcoat and at £19 for a liter it feels good value as well.

Super recommendation Holty, many thanks for that. A real good call…cheers

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You’re welcome. Glad it worked out well for you.

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