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Painting inside units

Am I correct in assuming that you only paint inside kitchen units

A. if they have been painted before,

B. or if they are bare wood ie Pine,Oak ect,

Laminated units just get wiped clean or do you also do the facing edges on these units.


Correct for point A if the paintwork is failing or you need a colour change.

Bare oak look at oiling

Painting inside cupboards in a whole kitchen can literally double the cost of painting. You would look at spraying as an option to reduce the time, but all in all, quite an extra job and would be prohibitively expensive ordinarily, with little practical gain.

Paint the front edge of carcasses so that when the door is shut or drawers closed or open, any facing edge will be painted the same colour as the rest of the carcasses, and give you the overall painted look. Run a blue mid tack masking tape as in the picture, it will save you hours overall and sharpen up the job.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for that info,

So as far as pricing goes £90/£100 per door only includes
Cornice,Lighting pelmet,sides ,cupboard facing edges, and doors inside and out


We use that as a ready reckoner, it is as you say (plus drawers). Other features like an overmantle or corner shelving, we view as “doors” it just makes sense of a complex space. Many other kitchen painters have devised a “beautiful minds” scale calculation with variables of excrutiating proportions, which is fine, but impossible to explain.