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Painting interior doors that have been dipped hlp pls

I’ve got 12 Georgian doors to paint that a customer has had dipped to remove all the years shellac, varnish and paints.
The customer just let me know I’ll need gloves as the doors are now very dry and have splinters.
Any advice regarding preparing/priming will be appreciated before I get to the Crown Brilliant White Gloss.
Thank you,

Hi Bernard

the doors do need to be thoroughly dry so there is no more unexpected movement. In theory you are simply starting with bare timber, so adopt the classic “knot, prime, stop” approach for preparation. Then probably a good deal of fine surface filling, and on to the basecoats. Sand the undercoat thoroughly, and I usually leave gunning up joints before the topcoats, so as not to risk disturbing the acrylic if sanding. Should be a satisfying project when all complete.

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Thank you for such a thorough reply.
Much appreciated,